"...and He shall put His angels charge over you." Psalms 91:11

Memorial Sunday, May 26, Special recognition of Military at 9:30AM

Upcoming Events in MAY and JUNE

Palm Sunday Singing Celebration


Sunday Nights, 6:00 pm in the

First Call Office Conference Room,

Join the ladies as they study the power of prayer!   For more information, contact Linda Jo McDonald by email:

Preparing to Launch AGAIN!


If you missed the Service on Sunday morning, come join us for the same message on Thursday nights beginning in JUN. That way, regardless of your shift, you can worship the Savior! 

New Single ladies' Class


This is a new single ladies life team beginning on June 2 at 10:50 am Sunday mornings. If you want to protect your heart, you have to remember that it is God's heart He has given to you! 

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First Call Life Teams


Join us on Thursday nights at 6:30 in the month of May for the "Blue House" study lead by author and speaker, Mike Simmons.



Have you ever wanted to  grow momentum in your marriage? Then join the couples at First Call Sunday mornings at 10:50, starting 2 June. for more info, contact Chaplain Dan at

New Sermon Series beginning in MAY "Living Victoriously!"


The journey of victory begins with the first steps, Join us at 9:30 AM, Sunday.for the month of May as we begin a race that will last you all your life.