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Marriage Momentum

Within the moments of marriage beats the hearts of two that have become one. In order for those hearts to beat in sync with the Savior, work has to be done daily..Marriage is always an uphill journey where you cannot coast. First Call Couple's ministry will help provide the needed push in the moments the legs and spirit become weary during the call of duty as husband and wife, especially as a First Responder family. In order to protect and serve a community, one has to serve and protect his/her greatest community- the family.

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Family Fellowship and Fun Nights

Prizes for Couples at the First Love Event

The best way to grow as a family in Christ is to have other couples in Christ walking with you in this incredible journey of a God-centered marriage. Email for the next family event scheduled.

Date Nights


Date nights with free childcare to help couples protect and reconnect to the power of romance and love. To learn when the next scheduled Date night, contact us.

Marriage Conferences


The life of a First Responder is tough and filled with conflicts. Marriage should be the safe place to go and grow in the strength, trust, and passion needed to face life.First Call sponsors with Family Life and their Weekend to Remember Marriage conference in September. For more details, email

Resources for Marriage


Resources for all Couples to help understand the incredible wiring of a man and woman's heart. To lay the foundation of Psalms 127 with God will keep your footing strong in the storms of life!

Pre-Marriage and Marriage Coaching Available


When you need to prepare for the second best decision of your life (the first is salvation) or if you just need some cheerleading along the way, First Call has a skilled Chaplain to help as a marriage life-coach to bring the best out of you.

Family Ministry and Life Groups


There are many bricks within the wall of life and each one needs to be secure in place when the storms come. We offer a multitude of classes and events for couples and families to help keep their home and heart secure!