Adult Life Teams

Men's Life Teams

Our Men's Life Team meets on Sunday mornings at 11 AM in room 106. Led by Chaplain Dan and Jim Kelly, the class digs into God's Word to mine the diamonds of God's character and promises to become a JOSHUA's MAN of character.

Omega Ladies Life Team 55+

Growing in the company of seasoned saintly ladies helps to teach and encourage each other. Our Ladies' Life Team meets Sunday morning at 11 AM in room 105.

Couple Life Teams

Ecclesiastes 4 tells us that two are better than one. If that is the case, then 4 or more is a great spiritual synergy for learning about God's love for each other. Our Young Couple's Life teams meets on Sunday mornings at 10:50 AM in room 107 beginning starting 2 June.

Ladies Bible Studies

Ladies of all ages are invited to join together on Tuesday afternoons at 1PM in the First Call fellowship hall for a time of study and prayer.

Contact the church office for the next study to begin.

Adult Life Teams

From Singles to Seasoned Saints, new classes are developing every month for Sunday mornings. To find out what class is right for you, contact us at We are here to help you grow in the areas you need it most.

Alpha Ladies Life Team 20-55

If you are a young lady and desire to connect with others that want to strengthen your walk of faith, then join Michelle Kelly on Sunday mornings at 11 AM.  Experience God pour His living water into the hearts and lives of those desiring to grow in God's grace.