Our History

Our Historical Past, Our Incredible Future


Sydney Baptist Church was established in 1909 when it began with a dream in 1908 with the Union Church, approximately 1/4 mile from its current location, where it housed both a church and a public school. 

In 1917, Sydney Baptist joined the South Florida Baptist Association in the year the United States became actively involved in World War I, when our country felt the effects of the war. In 1926, the first sanctuary of Sydney Baptist Church was built from materials gathered from the old Woodman's Hall at Durant. This was the beginning of the Baptist work here at Sydney and a break from the Union Church. In 1939, a church renovation added a choir loft and a baptistery. The main entrance and seating arrangement was also changed from three sections of pews to two sections of pews. In 1944, the church added a ten-room education room for Sunday School and office space. 

In 1958, the church built the Education Building behind the church sanctuary. Sometime between 1958 and 1964, the first sanctuary building was moved to the south side of the property. 

In August 1964, the church family broke ground for the current sanctuary. On November 24, 1964, the new building was dedicated. According to records, Reid Wall Fellowship Hall was also dedicated in 1964.

In December 2018, the church spent time in prayer seeking God’s direction for a new and greater mission. Through Scripture and God’s call of service, the church voted in January 2019 to transition the traditional church model into a new “out of the box” ministry model and begin a total mission focus of reaching out to the thousands of First Responders within the community.

A First Responder is anyone that serves in law enforcement, fire/rescue, security, EMS, and military. These brave men and women face some of the deepest darkness in our community and Sydney Baptist Church has answered the call to help them Serve (God first in order to serve other’s best-Matthew 6:33), Protect (their hearts first in order to have the power to protect other’s hearts-Proverbs 4:23), and Connect (Drawing from a spiritual synergy of others of faith in Jesus Christ-Galatians 6:2, 9-10).

Under the spiritual direction and leadership of Chaplain (Dr.) Daniel Middlebrooks, the church has embarked on a trail blazing pathway to help stir the hearts of our community, county, and country to begin similar models of ministry to help those that are called to serve and protect us. 

Throughout these 110 years, the Lord has blessed Sydney Baptist Church and we are giving God all the glory. The exciting part is...this is just the beginning!

The Three Watchers: Law Enforcement, Military, Fire/Rescue. They represent the outreach mission!

The Three Watchers: Law Enforcement, Military, Fire/Rescue. They represent the outreach mission!