Serve * Protect * Connect

Serve * Protect * Connect

Dedication in Diversity, Strength in Unity!

Service Times and Events

"And they shall keep watch over their flocks by night...and also during the day!"


                                       Sunday Mornings:

9:00  First Fellowship Coffee

9:30 Worship

10:30 Light breakfast and Connection

11:00 Life Teams

                                        Thursday Nights:

6:30 Life Teams (Children to Youth)

6:30 Worship 

Additional Events During the Year:

Marriage Enrichment Conferences

Professional Leadership Development

Personal Spiritual Resiliency

Pre-Marriage Workshops

                              and so much more!

Special "First Fellowship Breakfast Brunch" the first Sunday of each quarter

Come join us every first Sunday of the quarter for a special "First Fellowship" breakfast after 9:30  AM worship. This is a great time to invite family and friends or those getting off shift to come by for both physical and spiritual bread! Our next one is 

Need a Moment?

Sometimes we need to unload before we explode. Contact the church to set up a time to talk with the Chaplain and help get what is rattling around on the inside on the outside. 

Upcoming Events



"First Fellowship Quarterly Brunch" located in the First Call Fellowship Hall, after 9:30 AM worship  

If you go away hungry, it is your own fault!


New Sunday Morning Series starting JAN 5

What does it mean to be extraordinary in an ordinary world? Join us as we begin our walk through the amazing book of Daniel and find the truth of our extraordinary calling from Christ


NEW Sunday Night Bible Study night

 There are four ways to die, and only one of them requires an intruder. Suicides, accidental, and natural deaths can occur without any evidence from outside the room.but murders typically involve suspects external to the crime scene. If there's evidence of an outside intruder, homicide detectives have to prepare for a chase. Intruders turn death scenes into crime scenes. What does that mean for the death of God's Son? Come discover the facts about this world impacting death.

Community Event in JAN


Franklin Graham- Decision America JAN 12th, 4PM

Join us and the 100s of churches as we come together on January 12th, 4PM at the Plant City Strawberry Festival. This will be an incredible night of worship, praise, and HOPE! Invite your friends and family to this life changing celebration.